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asdfghjkl i need a haircut soon.

Long distance relationships have their own sense of beauty. That someone can wait days, months, or even years for someone they love who are miles or oceans away. That someone can fall deeply in love with someone and love all the moments that are shared. It doesn’t matter if someone is miles or oceans away; being loved by someone’s fullest is something so beautiful and raw.

Linda Nguyen | Moments are all we need (via lesbian-a-la-mode) —


Okay everyone. Do you see this?
Do you see these two words?
They do not mean the same thing.
Can we all decide to stop using “gay” as a synonym for bisexual, since they’re completely different things? Bisexuality is not the same concept as homosexuality, nor is it a subset of it.
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I just drove past this intersection and it’s pouring rain and just look at how eerily beautiful it looks

oh my gosh this is so pretty 
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"the weather seems ruff today doesnt it Spot haha?""dont patronize me Greg"
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